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The Drew Silvern Education Fund, a chapter of Scholarship America’s Dollars for Scholars, is always looking for supporters to mentor scholarship recipients.

One of our success stories has been the pairing of Dr. Phyllis Lautman, a graduate from Mt. St. Mary’s in the Psychology Doctorate Program with Magdalena Lopez, a sophomore at the same school. Magdalena is hoping to have a career in the same field as Dr. Lautman.

They both share their experiences below:


“My mentoring experience has been very positive. Magdalena and I were well matched. She is a psychology major and I am a psychologist, which was fortuitous. We began by establishing logistics according to our mutual availability.

The essence of our relationship is based on safety, trust, security and enjoyment. Magdalena found she can count on me. Then, because of her openness and clarity in expressing her educational concerns, I could be helpful. Each mentor relationship varies according to the mentee’s needs.

What is to be constant is the establishment of a trusting and secure relationship knowing that they are not alone. At this point, Magdalena is doing very well on her own, yet knows I am available whenever she needs me.

How fulfilling it is to support a young scholar who is navigating the formidable challenge of higher education. ”

Dr. Phyllis Lautman


Dr. Phyllis Lautman and Magdalena Lopez address the audience during the 2010 Scholarship Fiesta and Awards Presentation.
Dr. Phyllis Lautman and Magdalena Lopez address the audience during the 2010 Scholarship Fiesta and Awards Presentation.


“Starting college was a new and frightening adventure. Being a first generation college student added to the uncertainty I experienced. I was scared because I had no one to answer the questions I had. I felt lost. Some people are not fortunate to have someone to guide them; that is why I am grateful for having a mentor. Dr. Lautman is the light that illuminates my path.

Dr. Lautman provides me guidance that is very helpful. Every time we meet, I am convinced that I want to pursue a clinical degree in psychology. I am completely in love with psychology and I love Dr. Lautman’s job. I know that the knowledge she shares with me will one day be applicable in life.

Dr. Lautman is also very supportive and understanding. I am blessed to have her in my life. She always has something positive to say. My family does not always understand my college experience. Fortunately, Dr. Lautman is among the few who acknowledge my hard work. I love the fact the fact that she constantly motivates me and fills me with positive thoughts. I hope our relationship continues to grow with time.”

Magdalena Lopez


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