Scholarship Recipient Successes


Laura LeyvaLaura Levya says her first quarter at UCLA has definitely been a challenge because she had to adjust living on her own. She must also manage her time wisely between classes and UCLA club softball team. She has been attending tutoring sessions to help stay on track. Living on campus helps her become involved in student life and make new friends. She has learned about different cultures and the experience has opened a whole new world. She now realizes how much responsibility it takes to be on her own and be responsible for going to class. Her goal is to have a GPA of 3.2 or higher so that she will be eligible for UCLA honor credits. She is thankful for the help to start her on the way to achieving her goal. This scholarship has helped her stay motivated and on track with keeping her grades high.



Mlou Guzma The hardest thing for Mlou Guzman was adjusting to his new home. However, once he joined the math club, he made friends and got involved in school activities. He has enjoyed the school intramural sports and has been able to play tennis and basketball with new friends. He is most thankful for the support he has received from his family and the organizations that have encouraged him to do his best in college. He currently has A’s in all his classes ( English, Calculus, and History) so hopes to finish the quarter with these grades.



Giordany OrrellanaGiordany Orrellana graduated from USC Film School in 2008. He has been very busy since then with a core of seven talented young professionals dedicated to producing clever high quality commercials and music videos for companies world-wide. They’ve made commercials for clients in Vietnam, Switzerland, Canada and national organizations as far away as Florida. He invites interested readers to visit his website:



Christian TovarChristian Tovar’s educational goal is to become a Video Game Developer. He is off to a good start, having completed his first year at L.A. Trade Technical College. Christian wrote in his second year’s application that he was never the type of person that was enthusiastic about school, but now that he’s studying something that he enjoys, he feels that school can be an opportunity to expand his knowledge of a subject that will forge his future and put him on a path to becoming a responsible adult.



Magdalena LopezMagdalena Lopez hopes to attain a PhD in clinical psychology from Mt. St. Mary’s University. She is completing her second year and has qualified for the Honors Program with a 3.7 G.P.A. She is preparing for the PhD program by conducting research at the university campus and attending symposia at other universities. She is planning on presenting the results of her findings this spring at the Western Psychological Association.



Cynthia ZepedaCynthia Zepeda has completed her first year at the University of San Francisco. She is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and the hard work of her parents to help her get to college, and is proud that she has been able to find work as a baby-sitter and tutor and manage her earnings well. She has faced the challenges of living away from home and adjusting to a demanding academic program. Cynthia expressed appreciation for the help Dollars for Scholars provided.



Moises OlavarrietaMoises Olavarrieta has achieved academic success during his first year in the Honors College at Cal State LA. He has adjusted to the fast paced schedule of the school’s quarter system and has met fellow Honors College students with similar interests. Shy by nature, he says attending college has made him more outgoing. He has volunteered to help raise money for the Downtown Women’s Center, read to Esperanza Elementary School children and helped prepare and serve meals at The Midnight Mission Center.



Jesus LaraJesus Lara will graduate from Loyola Marymount University in May. He is considering postgraduate studies at UC San Diego or UC Irvine in fields related to Criminal Justice, Law, and Sociology. Despite the economic challenges he faced and working two jobs, he has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in four years. He is to be congratulated.




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