Our Amazing Mentors


Each scholarship recipient is assigned a Dollars for Scholars mentor. Mentors and students form connections that have an amazing impact on academic success.

In January, mentors and board members gathered for a pot luck dinner to celebrate their sense of fulfillment.

“Many of us feel that our mentees could mentor us. In terms of determination, gratitude, sheer will, and hard work, they are making a better life for themselves and their families,” says long time mentor Carol Stager.

Just read what they say:

• “I know my mentor supports me and is rooting for me.”

• “My mentor has really helped me stay focused on my goals and has been my support whenever I doubt myself.”

• “My mentor is providing me guidance toward a career.”

• “My mentor motivates me and enables me to do better than I did the year before.”

• “Having a mentor motivated me and reinforced my hunger for success.”

• “Knowing that someone other than my family cares about my success motivates me to perform my best in my classes.”

If you would like to join our mentor team, please contact: mrsjerroldg@yahoo.com

A College Bound Workshop

DSCF7494A workshop was held Saturday, November 14, for high school seniors, participating in the Migrant Education Program (MEP) who are interested in attending college. The students met at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School and information was provided by Jose Pimentel, Counselor to MEP secondary school students.

A group of 12th graders arrived by bus from several high schools. They listened attentively to the guest speakers, Lila Silvern and Heliberto Cano, who encouraged them to follow their dreams and take advantage of all scholarship opportunities available to them.

DSCF7501The students shared their hopes to be accepted into the University of California schools, Cal State University campuses and even colleges in other states. Their career aspirations ranged from Architecture to the Sciences. They were eager to get the best advice on the college application procedures.

Mr. Pimentel gave students computer tips on scholarship applications available through Dollars for Scholars and a list of other scholarships to be checked out on-line.


He also provided a Power Point presentation entitled “Writing Effective Personal Statements.” It included prompt themes, common writing problems, and information on how the essays are reviewed. He pointed out the importance of getting feedback on the essays before submitting them to the colleges.

This very special group of highly motivated students expressed appreciation in their evaluations of the day. Mr. Pimentel once again demonstrated his belief in their abilities and his dedication to helping them realize their dreams. Mr. Pimentel did a good job encouraging students to apply on-line to Dollars for Scholars.


The Board members, who met February 27 to select this year’s recipients, were impressed with the quality of their writing, the recommendations they received from their high school teachers, and their academic achievement.

The board was also affected emotionally by the challenges the young people dealt with and their determination to get the college education that would enable them to improve the lives of their families.

Mentor Meeting

On a recent Sunday, we offered the opportunity for new mentors to learn about our Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars chapter and the afternoon for them to meet the students they would be mentoring. Mentor Meeting

By late morning I feared no one would drive through the torrential rain storm and I’d be stuck with a platter of cakes and cookies.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the new mentor volunteers are a hearty bunch and appeared at my door with umbrellas and rain boots. Most of the students I had invited came and some with their parents.

Mentor Meeting

We warmed up with an ice breaker that gave everyone a chance to move about and get to know each other.

Board members, Frances Goldstein, Phyllis Lautman and Eric Silvern were able to introduce their mentees and tell about their experiences as mentors. Roxana Romero and Magdalena Lopez in their senior years at Cal State Fullerton and Mt. St. Mary’s impressed the audiences with their accomplishments and self-confidence.

Mentor Meeting

Rebecca Leach, who had been mentored when a foster child in San Diego, is now mentoring a college student. She described her experiences and had some good advice for new mentors. I have four mentor volunteers patiently waiting to be paired with a scholarship recipient.

Students interested in working in the health services are encouraged to call me so I can arrange for them to meet with someone who has achieved success in a field they wish to pursue.

Maureen Osborn took pictures, Lee Steele donated a box of delicious cupcakes. A fire roared in my fireplace and hot apple cider was served.

It was wonderful event.