Our Amazing Mentors


Each scholarship recipient is assigned a Dollars for Scholars mentor. Mentors and students form connections that have an amazing impact on academic success.

In January, mentors and board members gathered for a pot luck dinner to celebrate their sense of fulfillment.

“Many of us feel that our mentees could mentor us. In terms of determination, gratitude, sheer will, and hard work, they are making a better life for themselves and their families,” says long time mentor Carol Stager.

Just read what they say:

• “I know my mentor supports me and is rooting for me.”

• “My mentor has really helped me stay focused on my goals and has been my support whenever I doubt myself.”

• “My mentor is providing me guidance toward a career.”

• “My mentor motivates me and enables me to do better than I did the year before.”

• “Having a mentor motivated me and reinforced my hunger for success.”

• “Knowing that someone other than my family cares about my success motivates me to perform my best in my classes.”

If you would like to join our mentor team, please contact: mrsjerroldg@yahoo.com

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