Mentors Make a Difference

It has taken several years to develop the mentoring component of the Drew Silvern Scholarship. In my early attempts at recruiting mentors I concentrated on finding college graduates whose careers matched the students’ goals.

I assembled a group of willing volunteers waiting for a guidance I wasn’t yet prepared to offer. I was still figuring out how to make the idea work.

Frances Goldstein was one mentor who persevered and led the way. She never gave up waiting for students to call her back. She came up with some new ideas for getting together with students. Her trips to museums and LA landmarks have encouraged others to be creative and inventive in enhancing educational experiences as well as offering opportunities to talk about college classes and personal lives.

Lucille Gechtman joined Frances on the all-day metro trip to the Norton Simon and even planned a follow-up meeting on Olvera Street with another mentee.

Jay and Lynda Hartman opened their home and office to their Cerritos sophmore, Ruben Herrera. New mentors Joan and Dan Lavery are excited about meeting Edgar Barboza.

Helen Worthen, Carol Stager, Carole Rosner, and Lizzie Aguilar have stayed in touch with their mentees and have provided encouragement, sound advice, writing assistance and an assurance that someone other than their family cares about their success and college life.

I arranged to meet with my mentee, Laura Leyva at the Skirball Museum and asked Dr. Sobel if he and M’Lou Guzman would like to join us. To round out the afternoon, Rosemary Rubin, was eager to meet My Gem Lee for the first time.

We had the opportunity to chat about college classes, summer vacation, and future plans over pizzas, sandwiches and salads. The highlight of the afternoon was not the expected tour of the Bill Graham Rock and Roll exhibit, but a visit to Noah’s Ark where our very capable students pulled on ropes, rang bells and had a wonderful time being kids.


Mentors lunch at Skirball with Rosemary Rubin and My Gem Lee Guzman
Mentors lunch at Skirball with Rosemary Rubin and My Gem Lee Guzman
My Gem and her brother M'lou Guzman
My Gem and her brother M’lou Guzman


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