Giordany, Young Man of Many Talents

Giordany OrrellanaI am a former Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars scholarship recipient who graduated from USC in 2009. I went to UCLA for the screenwriting extension program for 9 months from Oct 2013 to June 2014.

In 2013, after I took a 9 month screenwriting class at UCLA, and in January 2014, I became disillusioned with film. I decided I needed to make a life change and began studying Objective-C programming to make apps for the iPhone. I developed a 3 year plan to teach myself programming, but in the meanwhile, I needed something to support myself and pay my bills while I pursue my new studies. I decided to create an online business. The idea came to me while I was driving on the freeway in June: I came upon the idea of selling personal leather bands for Apple Watches.

IMG_4345I knew three things: people pay a good price for high quality leather, people love to personalize their technology, people that can afford a luxury item like the apple watch can afford a high quality band. With those three things, I sought to produce high quality leather bands. However, the only problem is that I’ve never produced leather bands before, let alone even cut leather. So I went on a three month journey of teaching myself everything.

IMG_4350After 3 months, slowly but surely I started to see these bands on Etsy. Once a week, then once every few days. Now, I charge $65 and I get at least an order a day. Each band takes me several hours to produce, and if I mess up once, I usually have to start over. I try to produce each band as close to perfection as possible.

People are really loving the bands. You can see from the reviews that they really enjoy them. My dad is building die-cutting stamp that will reduce my production time in half. I am also looking into selling the bands on Amazon and other locations.

An employee from Apple has already purchased a band and is showing it off to all of his colleagues. People keep reporting that they constantly get compliments on their bands.

Here’s the link to my new products. I can be contacted at:

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